Your can recall a previous setting to use in our cook setup manual.

Your can review your previous cooking records and cooking curve date in our App.

ECPIN only tells the temperature on the metallic tip. If it is not placed at the center of the meat, the accuracy may be diminished

Make sure the probe is in the centre of the meat. That will help with the accuracy of ECPIN.

I am afraid not. The wireless signal of ECPIN may be blocked by the microwave shielding of the combo oven.

It depends on the degree of shielding of individual oven. Assuming air can flow in and out of the oven. The RF signal of ECPIN can pass through these air duct. But the transmission distance may be reduced.

ECPIN can support sous vide cooking, as long as the cooking time is under 4 hours and ECPIN is not immersed into water completely.

ECPIN is water resistant. It can be used in steam cooking.

The ECPIN is designed to be used normally in a grill. It can withstand the occasional flare up.

ECPIN comes in different colors. User can distinguish different probe from their colors.

ECPIN supports custom profiles. You can use the circular slide bar in the cook setup screen to choose your target temperature.

User can switch ‘C/’F temperature scale in the setup manual.

Whenever there is a signal loss, a pop up notification will pop up. Then you should reconnect ECPIN.

The ECPIN should automatically detect your mobile if the app is open. Make sure that your ECPIN is fully charged!

Android 6.0 or above

iOS 10.0.3 or above

The detection rate and reponse time for ECPIN is 2 seconds.

The transmission distance for ECPIN is 10 meters.

ECPIN does not require batteries.

A fully charged ECPIN can detect and report temperature for up to 4 hours.

It will take 3 minutes to fully charge ECPIN.

If the sensor of ECPIN detects a temperature over 80’C – there would be a warning notification pushed by the app. The user should remove the ECPIN from the heat to avoid permanent damage.

The sensor of ECPIN is designated to work under 100’C. However, if ECPIN is inserted into food, it can withstand a cooking temperature up to 300’C.

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