Range in different environments

Bluetooth technology uses Radio Frequency (RF) to transmit signal.  It uses the same frequency band (2.4GHz) as WiFi and other RF technologies.

The signal strength is highly dependent on working environment and the reception performance is also dependent on the mobile device used.  Any blockage i.e. (a metal or concrete between ECPin and the mobile device) the signal strength can be reduced significantly.  ECPin will not work in microwave oven as RF signal is completely blocked by shielding.

bluetooth icon

Bluetooth range in open air or minimum blockage

Up to 33Ft./10M

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Bluetooth range in closed environment

Up to 10Ft./3M

Range Extension using ECPin Connect

ECPin Bluetooth range up to 33ft/10m

ECPin Connect

Range extension with 2nd mobile using
ECPin Connect to extend reception range 

ECPin Connect

*When using ECPin Connect please make sure ECPin Pro app on Monitor Mobile is always on foreground and mobile screen on. 

ECPin Connect feature tutorial video
for range extension

ECPin Connect
ECPin Connect