What is ECTherm?

Established in 2018, ECTherm is founded by an esteemed team of engineers passionate about making products that are not only meaningful, but help homemakers and weekend chefs realise their fullest potentials right in the comforts of their own kitchens.  ECTherm provides smart and practical kitchenware that helps you produce Cordon Bleu calibre dishes by the touch of a few buttons.  ECTherm is portmanteau of “easy” and “thermos”.

ECPin Product Features

ECPin with Charger Case

ECPin with ECPin Range Repeater

App Features - ECPin Pro

ECPin Pro IOS version

IOS App feature

ECPin Pro Android version

Android App feature 1

Cooking Temperature Tracking

Android App feature

ECPin Range Extension

ECPin Connect

Guided Cook 
Intuitive step by step guide of temperature presets for beef, pork, lamb, poultry and fish. Followed by different cuts and levels of doneness.

Custom Settings
Dont like our presets? You can create custom cook and apply your own temperature settings. You can even customized your probe's name to make it one of a kind.

ECPin Connect
Different cook equipments can affect ECPin's bluetooth range.  ECPin Connect allows 2 mobiles to help ECPin extend it's range further by using WIFI or Hotspot.

Get alert notifications based on Time or Temperature of your liking.


Temperature Graph Analysis 
Check your cook temperature change with visual illustration.

Pause Cooking Task 
You can pause your cooking task anytime and swap different ECPin when one runs out power.  Simply replace a charged one, unpause the task and your cooking can go on for as long as you like. 

Cook History
Previous cook records are stored in the app.  You can always retrieve them with a click and repeat your success with a click.

8 cooks on one app
ECPin Pro app can monitor up to 8 cooks. You can also invite your friends and family members to install ECPin Pro app and they can help you monitor cooks together. ECPin is designed for connecting multiple ECPin Pro apps.

Cook Records Export
Previous cook records are stored in the app.  You can export cook records and share with others.

Cook Photos Sharing
Want to share your success with others? You can share cook result photo with cooking settings embedded.  Send out photos using your phone's messaging tools.