True Wireless Intelligent Thermometer

True Wireless Intelligent Thermometer


Time, temperature, and heat are all important factors when it comes to cooking. To master these factors requires a lot of time, experience and practice. We understand that not everyone has the time or expertise to get it right, even professionals cannot control these factors 100% of the time.

In the past, traditional needle thermometers were used to determine the doneness by measuring the temperature inside the meat, but without real-time information. The result is often disappointing with rough and dry meats or overcooked food.


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Product view of ECPIN True Wireless Meat Probe with App


ECPIN is designed for home cooks who appreciates the fine art of cooking and values precise cooking results. Simply insert ECPIN into the meat of your choice, select the desired cooking method and doneness on the app, and let the oven and ECPIN do the rest for you. You will be notified on your phone when it’s done.

No More Clunky Wires

The wireless design allows you to cook it any way and anywhere you want. Real-time data is transferred to your phone where you can monitor, analyze and understand the status of your master piece.

Unlimited Cooking

The highly efficient power management technology allows you to fully charge the ECPIN in 2 minutes with 4 hours of usage time.

Easy to Clean

ECPIN is water resistant and designed for easy maintenance. Just rinse it with soap and water to get rid of the cooking residue.

Multiple Probe Support

The ECTherm app can monitor up to 8 ECPINs at once, allowing you to cook multiple dishes or a large piece of meat that require different cooking status and data.

Share with Friends

ECTherm’s app also allows you to share your cooking experience, recipes and cooking data with friends. After all, sharing is part of the joy of cooking!

ECPIN | Intelligent Thermometer

ECPIN is a wireless food thermometer that gives home chefs real-time status inside the meat to avoid undercooked or overcooked disasters and ensuring the perfect result every time. You can use either one or multiple ECPIN, it all depends on your cooking needs and the size of your dish.

ECTHERM is.....

Established in 2018, ECTherm is founded by an esteemed team of engineers passionate about making products that are not only meaningful, but help homemakers and weekend chefs realise their fullest potentials right in the comforts of their own kitchens.  ECTherm provides smart and practical kitchenware that helps you produce Cordon Bleu calibre dishes by the touch of a few buttons.  ECTherm is portmanteau of “easy” and “thermos”.

Technologies have come a long way since wired thermometers- ones that require you to make frequent trips to the kitchen to check on the status your dish. Moreover, if cooking a dish that requires movement – i.e. rotisserie chicken – a wired thermometer would not work, not to mention the need to leave the oven door open to make way for the wire – an act that is often discouraged and disastrous for some dishes.  ECTherm is here to provide wireless cooking status monitor solutions. Our products send real-time cooking information to your phone, so you can stay on top of its status anywhere and anytime.  Other information such as cooking tips, recipes and option to pair with other devices completes the cooking experience.

With ECTherm, not only can you get the most up to date status of your dish without any hassle. Most importantly, you no longer have to second guess the results of your cooking. You can sit back, relax and confidently present your dish with the help from ECTHERM; making master chefs right at home.

ECTherm attends HKEF 2018 Autumn (Oct 13 -16 2018)
ECPIN True Wireless Meat Probe with meat
ECPIN video shooting day (Nov 30 – Dec 1 2018)
ECPIN is ready for production on Dec 2018

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