World First Capacitor Powered
Wireless Meat Thermometer

Making Master Chefs Right At Home

ECPin - Intelligent Thermometer

ECPin is a 100% wireless meat thermometer that gives you real-time temperature status for all kinds of meat cooking as well as other foods’ temperature monitoring.

All you need is a smartphone and our ECTherm app, You can enjoy perfect cooking result every time.  This is what we call

Making Master Chefs Right At Home! 

Designed to achieve perfect cooking results


It's Convenient

Choose your choice of meat and let your phone check status.

quick charge

Ultra Fast Charging

ECPin's Supercapacitor technology gives quick turnaround charge.

multi probe

Multiple Probe Support

Up to 8 ECPins can be monitored from a single mobile device.


Truly Wireless

Wire-free design let you cook in anyway and anywhere you want.

Unlimited Cooking

4 hours of usage time can recur quickly using ECPin's ultra fast charging feature.

Easy to clean

Easy to Clean

ECPin is waterproof and designed for easy maintenance.

It's Convenient

Simply insert ECPin into the meat of your choice, select the desired cooking method through ECTherm App. You will be notified by your phone when the cooking is done

Ultra Fast Charging

Patented Supercapacitor technology enables full charge in just 2 minutes with USB charging.

Truly Wireless for Unlimited Cooking

Unlike traditional Bluetooth devices which require pairing access, ECPin is equipped with Beacon technology that automatically connects to your phone. Every 2 minute recharge can provide another 4 hours of cooking. Making your long cooking session virtually seamless.

Usage Time

4 Hours


1.8 °F/1°C

Max. Temperature



Up to 33 ft/10m Bluetooth. Can extend up to 165ft/50m with ECPin Range hardware repeater or WIFI range with ECPin Connect function from ECPin Pro app

Multiple Probe Support

Up to 8 ECPins can be monitored through a single mobile device. Allowing you to check multiple dishes or different parts of a meat at the same time.

Multiple Probe

Easy To Clean

ECPin is waterproof and designed for easy maintenance.

Water Resistant Rating


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